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Our strategies

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National strategy

Safe Steps aims to raise public awareness in the country to contribute to the reduction of accidents caused by landmines, unexploded ordnance, and explosive traps.

  • Animated miniseries "Lalo and Lulú Take Safe Steps"

  • Information capsules for prevention and promotion of safe behaviors

  • Website

  • Testimonial videos

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Municipal strategy

We work with  local authorities  the significance of addressing the risk of landmines, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the sustainability of Mine Risk Education initiatives.

  • Basic Mine Risk Education (ERM) course for local authorities and community leaders.

  • Participation in the Comprehensive Action against Anti-Personnel Mines initiative.

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Comunitary strategy

We aim to strengthen a culture of individual and community protection with the support of children, youth, teachers, and families, increasing their capabilities to reduce the risk of landmines, unexploded ordnance, and explosive traps through the dissemination of public information, education, training, and community risk management.

  • Virtual training course for teachers.

  • Video game "Paso Seguros"

  • Virtual reality experience

  • Radio capsules

  • Landing strategy (sending text messages and pre-recorded calls).

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